What is YeastGard Advanced Capsules?

YeastGard Advanced Capsules is a product that fights yeast infections in pill form. It is meant to help clear up and prevent future yeast infections, without causing users to have to apply uncomfortable creams and suppositories in the vaginal area. It specifically targets the bacteria candida, which if one of the most common bacteria that causes yeast infections. YeastGard Advanced Capsules claims to clear up yeast infections quickly.


There are two active ingredients in YeastGard Advanced: Goldenseal and Kreosotum. Goldenseal comes from the plant Hydrastis Canadensis, and it is often used to help treat yeast infections. It fights candida, which is the most common bacteria that causes yeast infections. Kreosotum is also often used to fight candida bacteria.


The recommended dosage for YeastGard Advanced is to take one capsule a day. It is also recommended to take YeastGard continuously to help prevent future yeast infections.


YeastGard Advanced is widely available. YeastGard Advanced is not sold directly through the manufacturer’s website, but it can be found in most pharmacies and on many websites. For example, Walgreens offers 60 capsules for $8.99. Amazon offers 60 capsules for $10.53 and free shipping with Amazon Prime. Walmart offers 60 capsules for $9.74.

Possible Side Effects

The manufacturer does not list any side effects on their website. There are also no customer reviews suggesting that this product causes any adverse side effects.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The manufacturer does not advertise any guarantee on their website. However, this is most likely due to the fact they do not sell directly to consumers. Most likely customers will have to follow the return policy of the store or website they purchase YeastGard Advanced from. However, it was reported on another site that if this product is purchased through Lake Consumer Products, customers can receive a refund for partially used products. Lake Consumer Products does not confirm this rumor themselves, only recommends that customers contact their customer service department.

YeastGard Advanced Capsules has many customer reviews. While the majority of reviews, about 75%, are positive, there are some negative and moderate reviews.

The Bottom Line

YeastGard Advanced Capsules seems to be a good product for clearing up yeast infections quickly. It offers an alternative from other products that require users to apply uncomfortable creams and suppositories. It’s easy to use, and not only clears up yeast infections, but also helps prevent future yeast infections. The majority of customers are a pleased with YeastGard Advanced. Many customers report that YeastGard Advanced works fast. Customers are also extremely pleased with the low price of this product.

However, some customers did report that this product did not work at all for them. This could be an indication that this product has some faults, or it could suggest that those customers had yeast infections caused by bacteria other than candida. The manufacturer also does not offer a guarantee. This is most likely because the manufacturer does not sell YeastGard Advanced directly to customers, but it could mean that unsatisfied customers will not receive a refund.

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